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Our Process

"Plan Before Portfolio"

We take pride in our process. It is how we are able to help our clients in pursuing their goals and creating more free time in their lives. This is how it works and where we begin with each client: 


Meeting One

Based on our philosophy the BUILD meeting is a conversation about your most precious asset – your time.  We call this your TIME ALLOCATION. The passage of time is really you “spending” this precious asset. If you know how you want to allocate your days (TIME) we can then help you allocate your dollars. So, in the BUILD meeting we will spend some of this this precious time identifying and understanding what’s most important to you and your family.

This meeting is all about who you are, what’s important to you and how you wish to intentionally shape your future. By the end of this meeting we will have an outline of your priorities, values and objectives . This mutual understanding allows us to work closely with you on the framing for your financial future.


Meeting Two

Now that we know how you intend to allocate your days we can begin the discussion on how to allocate your dollars. In the PLAN meeting we focus on CAPITAL ALLOCATION. Where does and should the hard-earned money go to support the life you have intended to create? The financial impacts of our conversations will become more tangible by measuring the implications of certain decisions. Now is the time to “test” once scenario against another. Like retiring sooner, spending more, starting a new creative endeavor. Here we are given the opportunity to explore what could be possible. 

By the end of this meeting we will have the outline of your plan and the action steps for its completion. These steps may take place over the coming days, weeks, months or even years.


Meeting Three

Meeting three tends to be where most people want to start the planning process. This meeting is focused in on your ASSET ALLOCATION. The discussion covers the specific investment strategies and instruments we will use to support your PLAN. Given that the PLAN is built around your personal objective the portfolio is built around your personal PLAN.  Not around generic benchmarks. This is no place for cookie cutter solutions or sound bites. We will be reviewing and implementing your unique Product Allocation and establishing an Asset Allocation (investment strategy) that’s built just for you.

*All investments and investment strategies contain risk and may lose value.


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