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As financial markets become more complex, working with a financial advisor one can trust is more important than ever. Individuals and families are busy and often don’t have the time to manage and truly understand their investments. Working with an experienced advisor may provide a higher level of confidence as they approach retirement and other milestones.

I work with the belief that any advisor can provide investments; it’s the trusted relationship that can be harder for clients to find. Building long-term partnerships with my clients and acting as their financial coach is key, as is dedicating the time necessary to craft a plan to help them pursue their goals.

Clients experience the benefit of:

  • A holistic financial planning approach. Just as a successful athlete trains with many different specialists, our team consults with other financial professionals about our clients’ plans. For example, we are able to team up with an individual’s CPAs, attorneys, or another contact to incorporate a complete view of their financial lives.
  • Objective advice. We are committed to providing honest guidance. Without any conflicts of interest or quotas to meet, we develop strategies and make recommendations based on each client’s individual needs and goals. Our firm can choose comprehensive investment strategies and products from a wide range of investment managers.
  • Strong communication. We seek to stay in contact with our clients based on their preferences and make changes as necessary.  While endurance athletes look at feedback like heart rate, watts, and perceived exertion, a financial advisor should adjust their client’s strategies based on feedback such as velocity of savings, volatility of investments, and changes in life circumstances.

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