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This is not your Father’s Stock Market

June 06, 2022

We have all heard the saying, “Times Change.” When it comes to the stock market its always one of those times. Over the past 20 plus years we have seen the tech bubble burst, a terrorist attack that sent the country and markets troubling, a global credit crisis that cause a world recession and a pandemic that caused everything from local to international commerce to come to a standstill. And you know what? Markets came back. Markets have a long history of rebounding. Stock markets are considered a “leading economic indicator.” They project the fruits of economic activity. That activity is our perceived value found in the exchange of goods and services that is priced by HUMAN BEHAVIOR. So, at a very fundamental level markets have not changed. But in the last 20 plus years we have also witnessed government stimulus on a global scale never seen before, access to markets by more participants that has ever been seen before, international economies inextricably linked to one another like never before. No, I still would not say that markets have changed. They do what they have always done, but the world, the environment in which they live has changed, it has evolved. Has your investment strategy evolved?