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We believe the most important thing a client can know about their financial advisor is his or her philosophy, the reasoning behind the recommendations. What is the “why” for the rationale? Our philosophy, or “Why” is built around three core ideas.

First, that TIME is your most valuable asset. Your time is beyond precious and you owe it to yourself to genuinely consider if you are currently allocating your time in a way that supports what is most important to you. Giving sincere consideration to BUILDING your Time Allocation is a critical first step in the PLANNING process.

Second, wealth is a state of mind not a number on your balance sheet. Personal growth can play a key role in “feeling wealthy.”  We are focused on your money but are interested in more than the numbers. Money is just one of the many tools you have to create your unique life experience. We look to help you utilize this tool in a way that best supports your personal interests, passions and life’s objectives.

Third, Financial Planning is a life-long process, not a product to be purchased once. The real value in the process is found in the conversations and self-discovery that take place over the many years of a successful professional relationship between you and your Advisor. Our relationship with money and its role in our lives can change over time and our Financial Plans should as well.


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