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The BPG Philosophy - Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

September 14, 2022

At BPG Planning, we believe your time is your most valuable asset, and we strive to see that our clients are fully involved in life, creating their future by living intentionally. We partner with you to help you achieve this by lessening the time you need to allocate towards managing your financial life each year which will help you "save" time and permit you to reallocate that time towards doing all the other things in life that you truly love to do.

Our philosophy is anchored in the belief that time is your most valuable asset and is the foundation for our financial planning process – to plan with purpose. The most important thing a client can know about their financial advisor is their philosophy and the reasoning behind their financial recommendations. Brian Pitell, Founder and Investment Advisor Representative, discusses the three core ideas of our philosophy in this short video.

BPG Planning - Philosophy

Financial planning is a life-long process and we’re committed to guiding you to pursue your financial goals while creating more free time in your life. Life should be an adventure, consider using an experienced guide or partner that will to help “guide” you in the right direction. 

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Your BPG Planning Team