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RMD Calculation and QCDs

October 24, 2022

We recently shared some important information about “What You Should Know About RMDs” and making sense of them. Part two of this video series discusses RMD calculations and QCDs (qualified charitable distributions).

Brian Pitell, Founder and Investment Advisor Representative, shares how to calculate your RMD and how you can use QCDs to create income tax savings compared to making a cash gift and claiming an income tax deduction. 

Part Two: RMD Calculation and QCDs 

The last video in this series briefly discusses some final reminders and facts relating to RMDs.

Part Three: RMD Planning

At BPG Planning, we say “Plan Before Portfolio” because it is essential to be prepared for the years ahead and know how much you’ll need to withdraw each year and from which account. We’re here to help you with any of your planning needs and to create more free time in your life. Contact us today to develop a process and approach to hitting your retirement target!