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Willamette Valley Wines

Willamette Valley Wines

August 12, 2020

I’m not an expert, but I sure do enjoy wine, learning about it, and trying something new. Willamette has become a more common word on wine labels here in PA over the past several years. For me, if a Pinot Noir was from the Willamette Valley, I would give it a try. For the most part I wouldn’t be disappointed. In my personal opinion, the Willamette Pinots deliver a great bang for the buck particularly when compared to some of their Napa or even Sonoma counterparts.

Now it appears that I should give the Willamette Chards a shot. This is the time of year, at least for me, when I enjoy whites. Many years ago, on my first trip to Napa and the Carneros region I was introduced to whites; including Chardonnays, that were aged in stainless steel. It opened a new world in wine for me as I never cared for the white wines I tried prior to that trip. Not being a fan of the oaky, buttery whites, these crisp, clean wines made me want to try more. Now knowing that the Willamette Valley, and probably other AVAs in Oregon, have been producing similar wines I find myself with another opportunity for exploration. Getting a quality sampling of Oregon Chards may not be the easiest thing to do for those of us in Pennsylvania, but the internet is the great equalizer. Companies like Bounty Hunter Wines do a great job at sourcing and shipping wines that can be harder to find.

So, before the summer is over try a few whites. You may find that they “pair” well with a hot late summer afternoon. No fish required.