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Travel & Time, Your Most Valuable Asset

October 05, 2022

I feel like I have said it before, but traveling changes you. It makes you a better person, adjusts your perspective, and allows you to peer into the experiences of how others live. I find myself being drawn to how others live each time I visit a new place. Northern California, Wyoming, and Texas have as much in common as they differ in personality, attitude, and lifestyle. 

I have often said that I'm not particularly eager to travel, but I like to go places. Belize, Argentina, and other locations have given me pause . . . In this pause, I find myself contemplating a more agreeable way to spend my most precious asset, my TIME, while consciously attempting to take something back with me, usually a new attitude or perspective. But that seems to be one of the most challenging pieces of baggage to check. Reflecting on my last adventure, I realize these escapes are more than a matter of want. They are a matter of need.

TIME is my most valuable asset, which is why our BPG Planning team will support you in increasing the value of your most precious asset, your TIME. We live by this belief, and it is intertwined with our culture. We're dedicated to helping you pursue your financial goals so that you can spend as much time focused on and engaged in your passions as possible. And you are seeking those passions with those that matter the most to you. We strive to see that our clients are fully involved in life and create their future by living intentionally. 

Create more free TIME in your life with BPG Planning! 

Brian Pitell