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New Look. Same Commitment to Your Financial Future

August 29, 2022

BPG Planning has always been a committed partner in planning for your financial future. We support you in increasing the value of your most precious asset, your TIME. As we continue to grow and help you pursue your goals, we decided to refresh our brand and give our website a new look and feel to represent our team and passions better.

Our mission remains the same. We help you lessen the amount of time you need to allocate to managing your financial life each year which will help you "save" time and permit you to reallocate that time towards doing all the other things in life that you truly love to do. Which can enrich the time you are "spending."

With our new look comes a renewed commitment. We are improving how and when we communicate so that you have more timely, clear, and engaging messages that give you the information you need to make better financial decisions for your family or business. Over the next few months, we'll also release a series of videos that will provide information about the markets and financial information to consider as this year ends.

Brian Pitell, Founder and Investment Advisor Representative, shares more about BPG Planning and introduces our philosophy of planning, more information to come in the future too. 

Introduction to BPG Planning

At BPG Planning, we believe that time is your most valuable asset, and we are dedicated to helping you pursue your financial goals so that you can spend more time with the ones you love and be engaged in your passions. We're excited about our new look and are eager to continue our commitment to serving, supporting, and building a strong financial future together.

Kind Regards,

Your BPG Planning Team

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