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Fall II

November 08, 2021

Fall, my favorite time of year. There are many reasons I love Fall. Not the least of which is lower humidity! I’m all in for the Fall classics like, cool nights, football under the lights, the changing colors, the changing wardrobes, heavier foods and coming holidays. But what really drives me this time of year is the energy. Fall has a different energy than any other time of year. Most people will live their entire lives and never notice anything but the temperature changing. And that’s the price of being disconnected with the world you live in. Every animal and yes that includes us as humans, knows that autumn is a time for preparation.  Something that is so easy to forget about when all you need to do is turn up the thermostat when you get chilled and drive to the store before you get hungry. The rest of the natural world is preparing. Everything from chipmunks, birds and bears. Even trees are preparing by dropping their leaves.

Despite having to go back to school I remember having a bit more energy this time of year. In high school I could have said that maybe it was because of football season, in college I could have said that it was from being back on campus. As an adult the seasons really don’t change my normal pattern of operation. I live in the same place, see the same people, and have all of the same responsibilities. Each season has its own “feel”, its own “energy.” But for me Fall is all about getting things done. Unfinished projects, rescheduled meetings and appointments and plans that have been put off that need to be made.

Just like in nature, your Fall’s preparations can determine levels of productivity during winter months. It's about setting the stage to maintain strength, energy and focus during what could be the toughest time of the year. So, take a tip from Mother Nature and get moving on some priority projects before winter sets in. The momentum you build now can go a long way to a strong start on a new year.